$10 T-Shirts

The last thing you want to do while under quarantine is chores. Especially laundry. You can either keep cycling through the same clothes, wear what you’ve got until it’s time to reintegrate into society, or spring for one of our Mystery T-Shirts!

Each Mystery T-Shirt is short sleeved and bears some sort of nerdy graphic on the front: superheroes (and some villains), Star Wars, general nerd culture, whatever!

Select the size you’d like and we will grab the next in the pile for ya. If you’re getting more than one, we’ll make sure you don’t get any duplicates (unless it’s the last two and they’re the same).

Each shirt is only $10 regardless of size! Samples of potential shirts shown. May not represent all available shirts. Sorry, you can’t pick the one you’ll receive.

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