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Awesome collection! By far the best staff and customer service anywhere.

Chris Utchell

Came in for a game of D&D and was immediately welcomed and made to feel like I was part of the group. I had a great time and will definitely be back for more.

Cal Dents

This is a rare, great shop. Go to Hurst to spend time with Harvey and his crew. Great people! Went out of their way to host us artists for the Halloween comic book day. They try to market the books in the store and they are great at finding overlooked gems!

Lonnie Webb

They have a great selection of comics and a large gaming area. Very cool staff. I found a series i had been reading and they were able to order all the issues I need to get caught up. Something another comic book store said they were unable to do.

JediJed Paul

Went there today and spent about 2 hours speaking with Harvey. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
The store had a wide selection of books, collectables, games and gaming resources. I will definitely be going back.

Mark Salazar

The kids had a great time and I got to meet an artist that works on superman comics for DC. Awesome, life goal #54 completed.

Charles Pound

Courteous and knowledgeable staff. Quiet, lots of gaming space and friendly atmosphere.

Kyle Moody

I had to special order a hard to find Pop figurine for a gift. They got it in promptly and service was friendly and personable! A great place to shop

Julia Taylor

Love this place and people. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. Come spend ur money with these guys. Madness and genx don’t even get close to the level of greatness this shop has achieved. Consider me a multiverse lifer, 🙂

Robert Cuppet

Great local store with lots of comics and games. The friendly staff is always helpful and theres plenty of room for open gaming all the time.

Jacob Holcomb

The store is handled well, the staff are great, and the owner (Harvey) is a great guy!

He is very proactive in organizing events and helping people out with their orders.

The shop is a little ways out, but definitely the best comic/collectibles store around, and I will be going here from now on.

Kevin Suarez

Just been there once since it has changed from what it was to Multiverse and the guy I met was awesome and willing to drop the price on a omnibus I was looking for. Awesome!!!! Thanks for the hook up, you made a Marvel omnibus/hardcover collector very happy.

Mike Burris

Harvey’s a great, super enthusiastic, dude. Every time I see him, he goes above and beyond to help me track down comics I’m looking for and makes great recommendations. I can’t wait to see what he does with this shop!

Jeremy Duke

Awesome store, very friendly staff. I’m an impulse buyer and wasn’t disappoint with their selection of stuff. Great pricing on D&D minis.

Mario Duran