Meet Elia Crawford @ FCBD 2018!

Eliamaria M. Crawford of Elia in a Box Studios is a DFW-based illustrator known for her stick-figured, dry-humored comics. She started drawing little comics centered around life’s thoughts and happenings in high school and eventually evolved them into a regular webcomic that updates weekly called Elia in a Box: the Webcomic.
Once she got to college she drew comics for the newspaper at UT Arlington, The Shorthorn, and started doing custom & freelance work. That is when Elia in a Box Studios, took off. She started doing cool projects from custom wedding graphics, to convention poster art, and even contributing comics to many zines and projects.
Aside from the drawing table, Elia also has a YouTube channel where she posts videos centered around her art life, time-lapse drawings, and vlogs from an artist-alley perspective at conventions. She wanted to be able to share her experiences with the independent art community, which she is very passionate about. She currently resides in DFW with her spouse, Jonathan, and cat, Lucius Meowlfoy. Webcomic: Social Media: @eliainabox