Meet David Doub @ FCBD 2018!

The Most Interesting Man in Comics, commonly known as David Doub, is the Founder and Co-Owner of Dusk Publishing. He hails from the Denton area in Texas, where the weather is hot but David’s numerous publications including Dusk, Miss Tilney, Forever and Mystery Masque are hotter. He works to promote many other creators, bringing to life an assortment of written media in various genres. His personal goal is to create good comic book storylines that captivate the audience and making them beg for more.

David also organizes many events within the community, including founding the Creative Women’s Conference and the Texas Latino Comic Convention. He is also a Founder of Mini A-Kon and ran the Gaming section at A-Kon for many years. He works with other creative leaders in his local community to foster new talents and offer a support network to all creative types.