Free Comic Book Day!










Free Comic Book Day is an amazing day for comic shops all across the country! It is a day where you can walk into a comic shop and get all sorts of sweet free stuff! In the case of the Multiverse, you’re going to get so much more than just a free comic. We will be grilling out in front of the store and having an insane sale on just about everything in the store!

Meet some talented local folks!

Brent Peeples (10am-afternoon)
Elle Peeples (10am – afternoon)
Steve Erwin (10am – noonish)
Elia Crawford (10am – afternoon)
David Doub (10am – ???)
Marty McFly Dallas Cosplay (he is bound by no time!)

Our doors will open at 10:00am on Saturday, May 5th, 2018. Stop by and say “hi” on your way in.

  • Just for showing up you will get 7 FREE COMIC BOOKS!
  • Bring a canned food item (with the label still on it) and we will give you 1 FREE COMIC BOOK!
  • Come out dressed in a costume and we will give you 1 FREE COMIC BOOK!
  • Check in with us on your social media the day of the event and we will give you 1 FREE COMIC BOOK!
  • We have some Boy Scouts doing a fund raiser out front, too! If you support them, you’ll get 1 FREE COMIC BOOK!

Just like that, you’ve walked out with 11 FREE COMIC BOOKS!

Not enough for you? Well how’s a free lunch sound? See one of our staff members for your free grill ticket. It is good for one free hot dog or hamburger. You’ll see us grilling out front.

Oh, the sale? Check it out:

  • The first 20ish customers will get a free comic character bust bank (while supplies last)
  • Buy One Get One Free Pops!
  • Buy One Get One Free Star Wars Destiny/X-Wing/Armada
  • Buy One Get One Free Comic Hard Covers and Trade Paperbacks
  • Buy One Get One Free Toys & Action Figures
  • 10% off New Comics this Week
  • 35% off the rest of the New Comic Wall
  • 1000’s of $1.00 Comics
  • $5 FCBD Grab Bags each with a toy, comic, and collectible item (sweet stuff)
  • 25%-35% off of Statues
  • 25%-70% off of just about everything else in the store!