With Doctor Psycho having stolen a helmet that increases his psychic powers and having taken control of the army of Parademons that Harley Quinn brought to Earth during her short-lived stint as a New God, New New Gotham has somehow become an even worse place to live. And an even worse place to die, now that there are hordes of cannibalistic flying monsters swooping down on innocent people. And forget about trying to finalize your wedding plans!  Still, Poison Ivy and Kite Man are trying to do just that, despite most of the outdoor wedding venues being a bit hazardous at the moment.

This looks like a job for the Justice League. The problem is that most of them were trapped in a magical storybook last year by the Queen of Fables and the only person who knew what happened to that book was The Joker. And since The Joker was dropped into a vat of acid that erased his memory and restored him to normal (a fate he had reserved for Harley Quinn) there was no way anyone could possibly find that book again.  

Well, unless someone were to take the now-normal Joker and push him into the same vat of chemicals that made him into The Joker once upon a time, in a desperate bid to restore his memories so that they could find out where the storybook was and use it to rescue the Justice League so they can save New New Gotham. But who would be crazy enough to do that?

Oh, come on! You know darn well who is crazy enough to do that. The real question is can Harley keep her former boyfriend under control long enough, even with a bomb in his brain, to save the Justice League so they can save the day?

A Fight Worth Fighting For is more plot-heavy than your average episode of Harley Quinn. In fact, the episode opens with Frank The Plant delivering a fourth-wall breaking recap of the action so far, while praising the show for its nuanced writing and intricate plotting. Self-indulgent? A tad. But I made many of the same points in my review of last week’s episode, so I’ll allow it. 

What this episode lacks in over-the-top hilarity, it more than makes up for in character-based comedy. There’s a true chemistry between Alan Tudyk and Kaley Cuoco as The Joker and Harley that we didn’t get much chance to see in earlier episodes. Of course The Joker tries to troll Harley by pretending that the past few months he spent as a normal suburban stepdad were far more satisfying for him than their time together ever was… only for it to come into question just how much of his joking was an act. Which is as it should be with The Joker.  But worry not, Joker fans! We also get to see Joker beat the snot out of some Parademons with a crowbar, lest you be afraid the show is going to totally skimp on the dark comedy and references to the comics.

Rating: 8/10

A Fight worth Fighting For will be available to stream on June 12th, 2020!

Written by The Critic The Internet Deserves, but not the one it needs right now…. Matt Morrison. He’s a smart-ass guardian. A sarcastic protector. A Snark Knight.


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