So. THAT happened.

That, in this case, being Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy making out like crazed teenagers after escaping from Bane’s prison in an adrenaline-fueled rush. They haven’t talked about it since then and Harley’s honestly unsure how to bring it up naturally. I mean, how do you just naturally tell your best friend that you think you might be falling for her when she’s busy preparing to meet her fiancee’s parents for the first time? Harley’s not big on social graces and this isn’t the sort of thing Emily Post covers, but Harley is reasonably sure that now is not the time to say “So, I know you’re marrying Kite-Man, but I kinda wanna make out with you some more and I don’t want so share you.”

Thankfully a distraction quickly emerges in the form of Commissioner Gordon calling Harley out. With Two-Face arrested and Bane blown up, the Injustice League is no more and Gotham City is ready to rejoin American civilization, such as it is. Unfortunately, the President refuses to even discuss allowing Gotham back into the country until they do something about the woman responsible for defeating The Joker and triggering all Hell breaking loose in Gotham in the first place.

Okay, technically that was mostly Ivy’s doing, but Harley is getting the credit/blame. Either way, Jim Gordon is building an army of citizens who want life to go back to normal and Harley needs to build her own army of chaos-minded minions to even things out.

Thankfully, Dr. Psycho just happens to know someone who is always willing to hand over an army of mindless monsters to anyone willing to further the cause of undermining Earth’s leaders. But can Harley really ask Darkseid, New God of Tyranny, for an army of Parademons to help her conquer Gotham City in earnest? Of course she can. The bigger question, however, is will there be enough of Gotham left to be worth ruling after Harley acquires the power of a New God. 

“Inner (Para) Demons” is probably the weakest episode of Harley Quinn to date. It still has funny moments and anything trying to follow last week’s amazing episode was going into the batter’s box with two strikes against it. Still, there’s something about this episode that just makes a lot more of the laughs misfire than hit.

Maybe it’s because the story depends on Jim Gordon building an army of hopelessly unqualified citizens into armed insurgents at the same time we have real-world “Meal Team Six” operatives waddling upon the state capitols demanding the buffets reopen and I just didn’t feel like laughing at that. Maybe it’s because the casual dark slapstick that Harley Quinn depends upon doesn’t quite work when you have Darkseid randomly crushing the head of a hero who opposed him because…. well, that’s what Darkseid does.

The subplot with Ivy meeting Kite Man’s parents suffers from similar issues. In past episodes, Harley Quinn had taken the standard sitcom tropes regarding a weird romance and turned them on their head. In this episode, the only real twist is that Kite Man’s parents are supervillains with powers who are overjoyed he’s won-over a woman with powers, so they can begin training their evil grandchildren. It’s a twist, yes, but the comedy is built around all the same tired old jokes about women being pressured to have kids or having difficult in-laws that Harley Quinn, until now, has been better than.

Rating: 7/10

Inner (Para) Demons will be available to stream on May 22nd, 2020!

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