Things are looking bad for Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, who were captured by Two-Face and his men while having a drink at Noonan’s Bar. With Bane and Two-Face having consolidated their power in the face of the rest of the Injustice League either dying or disappearing, there’s a desperate need for law and order in New New Gotham and the former DA thinks he’s just the man to keep things civilized… starting with putting Harley and Ivy on trial for the death of Penguin and several dozen industrialists .

The good news is that, much to Two-Face’s annoyance, Judge Bane actually does run a fair court and is merciful in his sentencing. The bad news is that Harley and Ivy are guilty as sin. Not that it would matter much with Two-Face’s goons making up the jury and their public defender being Man-Bat, who doesn’t have any legal experience and is, to be fair, a 12-foot tall bat-monster who can’t speak English. 

Soon the gal pals find themselves delivered to Peña Duro North (aka The Pit) – a progressive prison where Bane is the warden and activities director. For Bane has learned from the mistakes made by the prison in which he was raised and the mandatory beatings and torture have been replaced with mandatory group therapy and talent shows. Of course for an introvert like Ivy, torture would be preferable to standing up in front of people and talking about her feelings. Unfortunately, with the prison being located inside a cave with no vegetation and one entrance at the top of an impossibly steep hole in the ground, there’s no hope of escape… unless they can somehow start a riot and steal George Lopez”s private helicopter when he comes to perform at a benefit concert for the prison. 

Meanwhile, back in Gotham, Two-Face’s plans for the city have one other roadblock – Jim Gordon, who still insists that he’s in charge of the city’s police department, even though most of them quit to join the super-villain gangs several months earlier. A daring raid on Gordon’s home will find Jim forced to team up with a conveniently close-by, Batgirl, and maybe, just maybe finding a part of himself he thought he’d lost.

“There’s No Place To Go But Down,” is a game-changing episode of Harley Quinn, but I can’t really discuss the reasons why without unleashing some major spoilers. Suffice it to say that if you’re a fan of these characters, you won’t want to miss this episode, as a lot of the second season’s storylines start to pay off in a big way. 

I can say that despite some heavy duty plot stuff, this is a funny episode. A large part of that is due to James Adomian’s voice-work as Bane, which offers a flawless impression of Tom Hardy’s take on the character in The Dark Knight Rises. Fittingly, the prison in this episode resembles the prison from that film, though Bane has padding at the bottom of The Pit. It makes things more dramatic when he throws new inmates into the prison and he delights in doing cannonballs down The Pit entrance himself. Because he really is just a big kid at heart. A murderous, insane, drug-fueled kid, but still…

I will also say that I also found myself charmed by the Jim Gordon story and how they honestly did a touching moment where Jim Gordon is confronted by a reminder of the man he once was and a revelation regarding the alcoholic mess he’s become. Granted, they hang a lampshade on the whole thing with a montage where they skip over the difficult parts of fighting an addiction and skip ahead to him being clean. Because Harley Quinn may be sweet and touching at times, but it’s a dark comedy first.. And it’s a darn good one, as far as these things go.

Rating: 9/10

There’s No Place To Go But Down will be available to stream on May 15th, 2020!

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