The good news is that Harley Quinn finally has a way in to Mr. Freeze’s snow-domed fortress. The bad news is she didn’t have much of a game plan for dealing with his freeze ray beyond “don’t get hit.” The really bad news is that Mr. Freeze needs new test subjects for the cure of his beloved wife Nora’s incredibly rare blood disease and as a normal human female (sort of) Harley fits the bill as an ideal test subject. At least moreso than the living mud pile, giant shark-man and psychic dwarf that make up her squad.

Thankfully, Mr. Freeze is willing to listen to reason and Harley makes a convincing argument that Poison Ivy might be an ideal consultant as a biologist who knows more about how plants can mess up or fix a person’s blood than anyone else in New New Gotham. And killing her BFF, well, that’s not likely to make her want to help out. And Harley is totally sure she’d be willing to help. Really!

There’s just one problem: Ivy is otherwise occupied and on the other side of town, scouting out a wedding venue with her fiancee Kite Man. (Hell yeah!) To make matters worse, Kite Man’s arch-enemy, Condiment King, the one villain with an even stupider gimmick than him, has just arranged for his own speedy engagement in a bid to steal away the Old Gotham Corn Factory, which Kite Man unwisely let it slip on his social media was his dream wedding venue.

Will Ivy and Kite Man’s dream wedding be doomed before it begins? Will Harley enter into an exciting new career as a blood test dummy? Will we see a man with a kite on his back get his butt kicked by some jerk with a ketchup gun? 

As usual, the voice acting is the strongest aspect of Harley Quinn. This week sees Alfred Molina in the role of Mr. Freeze. If that name sounds familiar, you may have seen his critically acclaimed work in such classic art films as Chocolat and Frida. Or, if you’re a frequent fan of my writing, you probably know him as Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2 and Lex Luthor in various Robot Chicken DC Comics specials. (Seriously. He’s a great actor, but has a really weird and varied resume.)

Molina gives Victor Fries the appropriate sense of pathos and creepiness while still managing a little humor. And no – it isn’t puns like “Ice to see you!” Mostly it’s dark comedy of him continuing to talk to his frozen wife and expecting her to talk back. It’s simultaneously cute and unsettling.

The subplot with Condiment King doesn’t work quite so well, mainly because there’s not much interaction between CK and Kite-Man. Molina gets another funny turn here, lending his voice to the snooty manager of the Old Gotham Corn Factory who doesn’t much like kites but is impressed by a man who knows the difference between bagoóng and budu. There’s still a few good gags here, but the show has been far better than depending on cheap gags about Kite Man being lame in the past. Hopefully this plotline will pass quickly, because Ivy and Kite Man’s wedding planning is less than engaging. 

Rating: 8/10

Thawing Hearts will be available to stream on April 24th, 2020!

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