The Multiverse is Making Home Deliveries


If you already have comics in your subscription box, you will probably hear from us in the next day or two checking to see if you want your comics delivered this week. We will confirm:

  • Your delivery address
  • Phone number
  • Preferred delivery time
  • The items in your box

It is extremely important that your subscription preferences are up-to-date. Please take a moment to review your account on League of Comic Geeks.


The easiest way is to attach your credit/debit card to your League of Comic Geeks account. When your comics are received in the system on Tuesdays you will automatically be charged.

We can also give you a total for you to send to us via PayPal if you prefer. If you do not have PayPal, don’t worry, we can take your payment online via other methods. Unfortunately cash and store credit are not options at this time. The purpose is to reduce contact and minimize the progress of the COVID-19 coronavirus.


If there are new books arriving that you would like to add on to your pull in the coming weeks, no worries. Just let us know.

Beginning with comics releasing on New Comic Book Day 3/25/2020 you will be able to select and purchase comics not on your sub through our website. We will do our best to make these items available to you as soon as possible, but our totals are usually not completely available to us until the Wednesday before they release.

Damages and shortages occur every week. If we oversell what we receive we will fulfill orders in the order they are placed. We ask that you limit your purchases of each title to one per cover per customer during the first week of release. After that you can knock yourself out. 

Remember you can receive a 20% discount on your comics by paying ahead of time. Our Final Order Cutoff (FOC) listings show you what is available and when they release.


We have plenty of Back Issues we can send you! Tack some on to your order. 

  • $10 will get you a stack valued at $10-$15
  • $25 will get you a stack valued at $25-$35
  • $50 will get you a stack valued at $50-$70
  • $100 will get you a stack valued at $100-$125

We can’t guarantee the publisher or the title, but we will make sure you don’t receive duplicates.

Lastly, we have a promotional Gift Certificate Program that lets you help out the store during this difficult time. Finances are tight for us all, but the loss of walk-in customers as well as regular gaming groups will make it difficult for us to pick up our shipments over the coming weeks. Please consider supporting us through this program.

Thanks a bunch for your love and encouragement, everyone! We thoroughly appreciate each and every one of you. <3 

The COVID-19 coronavirus has hit us all hard. Mandates from both the County and the Governor’s office have forced us to close the doors of our Brick-And-Mortar location until it all blows over. These orders expire on 3/28/2020 & 4/4/2020 respectively, but that is a long time to go without your comic books. We feel ya.

In the mean time we will be making home deliveries to our customers that request it. While the service is free, we would appreciate it if you considered tacking on a little extra for your driver: Harvey. Unlike many other delivery fees, this will go to Harvey to offset the cost of making deliveries in his vehicle.

To help out you can CLICK HERE and tip Harvey for his delivery. Also select “LOCAL PICKUP” for your deliveries.



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