Gummi Bears Pops are Coming!

In an effort to secure more space on your shelf, desk, and that 80’s nostalgia cubbi of your heart, Funko is releasing a line of Pops from Disney’s Gummi Bears! And you can start collecting them by preordering the line with us at The Multiverse!

At the time of writing this post, the following Gummis are available for preorder: Gruffi, Zummi, Sunni, Tummi, and Cubbi. Sorry, no Grammi, Cavin, Duke Igthorn, or Toadwart this time around. 

The show was one of Disney’s first animated TV shows and it was ran during the beloved Saturday Morning Cartoons lineup from 1985 until 1991. Yes, you can reminisce over these episodes – or fall in love for the first time – over on Disney+. The episodes are all loaded up over there. 

Each Gummi will go for $11.99 in the store, but you can preorder yours for only $9.99. If owning them all is the only thing to tide you over until they begin releasing Gummiberry Juice, then bounce over to our shop and secure the Gummi Pop Bundle! You’ll get all 5 for only $44.95! That’s 25% off the lot!

ONLY $9.99 ONLY $9.99 ONLY $9.99 ONLY $9.99 ONLY $9.99

Expect these Gummis to bounce their way into stores sometime in June 2020. As always, art and release dates are subject to change. We’ll keep you in the loop if that happens. It’s the Gummi Way!


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