“MARVELS X” #1 (OF 6)

Writer(s): Alex Ross & Jim Krueger

Artist: Well-Bee

Cover Artist(s): Alex Ross

Rated: T

SRP: $4.99

Back in 1999, acclaimed artist Alex Ross designed a possible dystopian future (Earth-9997) where all ordinary humans had gained superpowers called “Earth X” which showed how the current superheroes would manage a world where their superhero powers had now become commonplace. Originally written by  with art by John Paul Leon, the series was followed by two sequels: “Universe X” (2000) and “Paradise X” (2002). Now 20 years later, “Marvels X” #1 begins a six-issue limited series which serves as a prequel to the “Earth X” trilogy, showing the origin of a world in which everybody has superpowers.

A seemingly ordinary young boy, named David, is obsessed with superheroes, like Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man, but while he lives in his own little world, the real world outside just became very dangerous. As an unknown virus spreads across the world, a state of emergency exists in every major city, as those people who become infected start developing black spots on their skin and become encased in a scab-like cocoon, but when they emerge they exhibit extra-human “powers”. As the rest of his family succumbs to the life-changing virus, he remains unchanged. Believing himself to be the last human on Earth, he leaves home to go to New York in the hopes that he will find his beloved superheroes.

Now legendary artist Alex Ross and New York Times best-selling comic book author Jim Krueger reunite to tell the origin story of the “Earth X” trilogy, along with up-and-coming Norwegian artist Well-Bee. While the designs and covers are illustrated by Alex Ross, Well-Bee does the interior art. While the “Earth X” series dealt mainly with the older heroes, especially the Inhumans and the late Avengers, including an aged Captain America. The original story revolves around Machine Man, who became the new Watcher after Uatu was blinded. If you haven’t read the trilogy, I highly recommend reading it after or during the run of this 6-issue prequel. It will be interesting to see the beginning of the virus as well as the effect on the people. As the observer, David seems like a very sympathetic character, and I can definitely relate to him as he grew up obsessed with superheroes. It’s hard to pinpoint his age in the story as he seems closer to 13, but with a very naïve sense of the world around him. Although he seems disappointed that he didn’t develop superpowers like everybody else, the effect that the virus had on his family, particularly his sister and his grandmother, is both fascinating and somewhat tragic. I found it funny that when David does go out into the world, he wears a store-bought Green Goblin mask in order to try and pass off as a mutant and attempts to blend in with the rest of the super-powered people in this chaotic new world.

Be sure to check out the variant covers by Well-Bee, John Paul Leon, Greg Horn, the late Steve Ditko and Edgar Delgado!

Written by Dave “Chernabog” Whiteman, a Native Texan, Metalhead🤘, Writer, Star Woid, Funatic, and all-around Fanboy/Nerd/Geek! 👓


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