Comic Review – Doom 2099 #1

Doom 2099 #1 CoverOnce, in the 1990s, it was foreseen that the Earth would come to be dominated by corrupt mega-corporations. This wound up happening far sooner than anyone expected.

Still, the writers at Marvel Comics imagined a future where people would be under constant surveillance by advanced technology and lulled into complacency by complex drugs. This too, happened far sooner than anyone expected.

This world was a nightmarish hellscape. A cyberpunk nightmare where the cities were crime-filled cesspools, separated by vast wastelands full of intolerant religious fanatics. (Yes, I am sure I’m talking about an alternate future and not now, and I promise that’s the last time I’ll make that joke in this review.)

This was the world of Marvel 2099 and it was into this world that new versions of the classic Marvel heroes were introduced to save the future… along with one old villain. For Doctor Doom became displaced in time and came to the reality of 2099. Soon he realized that this chaotic world needed an iron fist and a steel will to bring about order. And lo did Doom reclaim the land of Latveria, conquer the United States and eventually save humanity from the Phalanx.

Now, another man with a scarred face and no memory of who he was has come to the world of Marvel 2099. Yet it is not long before he recalls that he is a master of building things and a master of the world. He is Doom, and though Doom may already rule the world, the world is not big enough for two Dooms! Yet one of the Dooms may be an impostor – a pretender to the name of Doom or one of Doom’s robot duplicates run amok. Whatever the case, there shall be only one Doom – the true Doom – once this battle of wills is ended.

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Doom 2099 is another enjoyable one-shot set in the reality of Marvel Comics’ revived 2099 line. Miraculously, you don’t need to have any previous experience with the 2099 setting or have read the recent 2099 Alpha #1 issue which reestablished the world of Marvel 2099.

Writer Chip Zdarsky explains everything you need to know as the story progresses, and an amnesiac Doom escapes a painful death at the hands of two Thor worshipers with the aid of a young boy. There is a real Lone Wolf and Cub vibe to the first part of this issue, though Doom soon abandons his young charge as he walks a path that is Doom’s and Doom’s alone. I’ll not spoil the story beyond that except to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the issue’s ending, which was something I did not expect.

The artwork is presented with similarly surprising craft and care. Marco Castiello (Star Wars: Rebel Heist, Giant-Man) perfectly captures the gritty essence of the world of Marvel 2099 while still presenting crystal clear artwork that doesn’t suffer excessive linework or inking. The colors by Chris Sotomayor are well-chosen, perfectly conveying the light and darkness appropriate to each scene.

If you’re a fan of Doctor Doom, even if you’re not keeping up on the new 2099 series, you’ll want to check this issue out. Likewise, if you are keeping up with the new 2099 series, you’ll want to check this issue out. For that matter, Fantastic Four fans – even those who utterly despise Doom – will want to get this issue just to see what seems to be Reed Richards’ ghost tormenting Doom.


Doom 2099 #1 releases on December 11th, 2019!

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