WRITER: Grant Morrison

ARTIST: Xermanico


Published: November 6, 2019

[Spoiler Warning for Green Lantern #12]

If you’ve been following writer Grant Morrison’s last 12 issues of “The Green Lantern”, than you know that the Green Lantern Corp space cops are no more! After the events of Green Lantern 10 – 12, the Green Lanterns of the Multiverse faced Zundernell, the Golden Lantern, Guardian of the Cosmic Grail, along with Hal Jordan’s doppelganger, the Qwa-Man, from the anti-matter universe. The final conflict ended in a bloody and disastrous end, and only Hal has the power to remake the universe using the Blackstars’ Wishing Machine.

Now, Hal Jordan, aka Blackstar Parallax, is one of the Blackstars’ primary operatives, along with the Cosmic Vampire Countess Belzebeth. Together with the Blackstars, a sinister cult who follow the will of Controller Mu to subjugate the universe in order to achieve their creed of “peace and harmony” as they see it. Currently, the Blackstars have invaded Warworld and demands the tyrant Mongul’s unconditional surrender, while Parallax battles a Gorehound in the arena. Together Parallax and Belzebeth carryout Controller Mu’s whims and soon Earth will be next!

The first issue of this three-issue miniseries begins the darkest and most perplexing chapter in “The Green Lantern”. While this title is not directly involved with DC Comics’ Dark Multiverse storyline but in its own Blackstars Universe, which is a new take on the Darkstars, which were an offshoot of the Guardians of the Universe created and run by the ancient Maltusian race, known as the Controllers. This would not be the first time that a Green Lantern joined another organization, like John Stewart, who was briefly a member, alongside Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl. However the Blackstars are truly a force to be reckoned with, who use their power to not just bring order to the universe but under the control of Mu.

As always, Grant Morrison’s unique writing style, combined with the stories’ sometimes melodramatic and often unfathomable dialogue presents a disturbing and often perplexing story, which makes for a hard read, but worth going back for. Along with the various alien dialects and often bizarre biblical-like diatribe from the Blackstars, particularly Belzebeth in her “recruitment pitch” so to speak:

“Join us as Blackstars, be limbs of Mu. Lay the cornerstones for Heaven’s foundation – set Jewels in the Heaven’s sky. Fill oceans of Paradise with wine and honey and savor the bitter irony – weep bright, sour tears of sulphuric self-loathing as you raise in these ruins the ramparts of a new Elysium.”

As the comic interior art is illustrated by Alejandro ‘Xermanico’ Germánico, each issue also has a cover by regular Green Lantern artist Liam Sharp, and variants by Darick Robertson and Diego Rodriguez, which forms a triptych image. While “The Green Lantern” title seems to be on a bit of hiatus, this is merely the end of the first season as it were. As the last pages of Green Lantern #12 revealed “The Green Lantern” season two is coming in 2020 where the Green Lanterns will face their newest foes from the anti-matter universe, a race of backwards-talking doppelgangers of the Green Lantern Corp, who like the former Red and Black Lanterns, whose sole purpose is hate, pain and death!

Written by Dave “Chernabog” Whiteman, a Native Texan, Metalhead🤘, Writer, Star Woid, Funatic, and all-around Fanboy/Nerd/Geek! 👓


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