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Doctor Doom #1 CoverVictor Von Doom has been many things in his life. A scientist. A sorcerer. A world leader. On many occasions he has been a hero and the world’s last hope. On other occasions he was cast in the role of villain. Doom is many things but the one thing all agree upon is that Doom should never be disregarded or taken lightly.

Unfortunately, a new scientific venture overseen by Tony Stark and the accursed Reed Richards has pushed forward with an ill-advised plan to try and solve global warming using a controlled black hole on the moon. Only Doom has dared to consider the ramifications of what such a thing might do on a cosmic level should various safeguards fail. And only Doom has dared to point out that Stark and Richards don’t have the best records when it comes to their inventions developing unexpected flaws which cause considerable damage. 

Still, Doom is content to wait and be proven right, acting only once the inevitable should happen and he be required to save the world from the misbegotten plans of his lessers. Unfortunately, before that can come to pass, a tragedy strikes.

Someone somehow takes control of Latveria’s defenses and fires missiles at the moon base containing the black hole. Thousands are killed and Latveria left helpless as the nations of the world retaliate, before Doom can contact NATO and offer an unconditional surrender in order to save his people. 

Now, Doom is a man without a country and the most wanted war criminal in the world. It is not the first time Doom has been in such a state, but this time he is innocent of the actions for which he is blamed. Armed with nothing but his wits and with every bounty hunter, assassin and superhero in the world after him, Doom must face the ultimate challenge, prove his innocence and bring those who dared kill the innocent in his name to justice. 

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I’ve often heard it joked among comic fans that the only difference between Reed Richards and Doctor Doom is that when Doctor Doom builds something that threatens the planet, it was on purpose. I suspect that might not be a joke if someone were to go through every appearance of Mr. Fantastic and chart how many of his inventions had unintended side-effects. My point is that to dismiss Doctor Doom as a villain ignores his long record of putting his own self-interest second when the fate of the world was at stake and that Doom is beyond such simple labeling.

Writer Christopher Cantwell understands this, presenting us with an image of Doom that is both heroic and villainous in equal measure. He is also charming and has something of a sense of humor. In a word, Doom is complex. And the idea of throwing Doom into a situation where he is accused of a crime for which he is innocent yet all of the evidence is against him is a brilliant one. The only real flaw in all this is one scene in which Doom curses – something that doesn’t quite ring true for the elegant sovereign of Latveria.

The artwork by Salvador Larroca and colors by Guru-FX are equally impressive. The final artwork looks as if it was painted rather than digitally colored and there are many splash pages that are poster worthy. If the following issues are as impressive as this one, this could quickly become one of Marvel Comics’ best books.


Doctor Doom #1 releases on October 9th, 2019!

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