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“Nevermore” brings Season 3 of Young Justice full circle in many ways. The season opened with a Justice League divided. It ends with a broken team reforged into something stronger. It started with an investigation into a metahuman trafficking ring in the nation of Markovia and a conspiracy that went all the way to the Royal Family. It ends with a return to Markovia and an entirely new conspiracy that also involves the Royal Family.

In this case, Geo-Force leads a squad of Outsiders and Team-mates into Markovia after his uncle, Baron Bedlam, escapes from prison and launches a military coup to take over the country. With Lex Luthor keeping the Justice League on the sidelines, it seems the perfect opportunity for the Outsiders to prove their worth, even ignoring the personal nature of the mission for Geo-Force and Terra, rescuing their homeland from the uncle who murdered their parents. 

This turns out to be playing into the hands of Lex Luthor and Deathstroke, who are leading The Light’s operations in Markovia and backing Bedlam’s coup in secret, after helping him escape from prison. With Terra still under Deathstroke’s thumb, they plan to have her “accidentally” kill Beast Boy on a live-stream of the battle. With the charismatic TV star behind the social uprising the Outsiders started dead, Luthor can continue his efforts to paint metahumans as a threat to society. Indeed, this will finally enable him to propose mandatory metahuman registration on a global level along with legislation declaring any costumed vigilante who refuses to reveal their secret identity an enemy of the people.

I can already hear the Marvel zombies saying this all seems derivative of countless X-Men comics or the Civil War events and on the surface that might seem true. The execution, however, is far better and far more realistic. Anyway, if we’re going to play “Who Done It First?” it should be noted that Lex Luthor tried to get Superman arrested for being an illegal alien and for not paying his taxes way back in the Silver Age. This led to Superman being granted citizenship in all UN member nations as a citizen of Earth and him paying his taxes every year with a diamond he made himself after squeezing a piece of coal .

The More You Know…

I don’t want to spoil the episode beyond the set-up. I will say, however, that “Nevermore” truly surprised me and it turned the tables on a classic storyline. So those of you who dismissed this season the minute you found out Terra was involved and was a spy for Deathstroke?  You might want to watch the whole season after all, as this does not mindlessly recreate The Judas Contract. Not even close. 

One more thing – be sure to watch all the way through the closing montage for a hint at what we might see in season 4 and the pay off to a running gag that has run through the whole season that seems to be aimed at fans of the original Young Justice comics.

Rating: 10/10

Nevermore will be available to stream on August 27th, 2019!

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