Young Justice Season 3 CoverIt would be all but impossible to top the action of “Into The Breach” – the first part of Young Justice‘s season 3 finale. Perhaps that is why the second part, “Overwhelmed,” doesn’t even bother trying. Yet I think “Overwhelmed” is the stronger of the two episodes, despite having a much looser structure, dealing with a lot more subplots and being largely focused upon how various characters come to feel… well, overwhelmed in the face of some fairly big changes, as they try to decide what to do with their lives.

Case in point. With the hive-leader that exiled him from his home on New Genesis having been found to be in the employ of the evil New Gods of Apokolips, the bug-man Forager can now return to his homeworld. Yet as much as he misses his home and dislikes having to hide his true face behind a magic charm, Forager has come to love his work as a hero and would miss the new friends who helped him build a new home on Earth. It’s a conflict that Conner Kent (aka Superboy) can sympathize with, having taken some time to find a place where he belonged. To that end, he presents Forager with a third option, taking him to Geranium City – a small town founded by other genetically engineered lifeforms that, like Superboy, escaped from Project Cadmus. Yet Superboy finds himself facing his own inner conflict, as he is confronted by his past. 

Another major subplot sees Artemis turning to her friends for help, after her roommate’s surprise attempt at a romantic dinner leads to her having a guilt-fueled PTSD attack as she thinks about the fiancee she lost two years earlier. To that end, Artemis asks Zatanna to work a spell that will let her communicate with Wally West’s ghost and get the chance to say goodbye she never had. The scene that follows is a rather neat tribute to the classic Alan Moore story For The Man Who Has Everything as Artemis and Wally get to live their dream life together, even as outside events threaten to trap Artemis in the limbo between worlds forever. This entire scene is a gut-punch and may bring tears to even the steeliest of souls. 

Revelations of another kind grip the lives of Cyborg and Halo, as they are abducted by the New God of Knowledge, Metron. Thankfully, his intentions are benign – he merely wishes to tell them that he has reevaluated the two heroes, who gained their powers after bonding with the New Gods’ technology that Metron designed, and decided to accept them as his grandchildren. This is far more sentiment than the coldly logical Metron usually manages, but he does assure them he looks forward to watching their continued evolution… assuming Darkseid doesn’t kill them. 

Of course it’s not all character development and the final moments of the episode bring the season full circle, as Baron Bedlam escapes from prison and launches a coup to sized the throne of Markovia. This leaves his nephew, Geo-Force, having to come up with a cunning plan to save the kingdom that exiled him. Well, to the extent that “get my superhero friends to go in and retake the royal palace.” is a cunning plan, but that’s fairly subtle by Geo-Force’s standards. 

Rating: 10/10

Overwhelmed will be available to stream on August 27th, 2019!

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