Young Justice Season 3 CoverIf you’re a fan of Cyborg and you haven’t picked up a subscription to DC Universe yet, you should definitely consider it. One reason for this is the excellent treatment of the character in Doom Patrol, which you’d already know about if you’d been reading my reviews of that amazing series. But another reason is Young Justice: Season 3 and how it has developed the character of Victor Stone into Cyborg, particularly in the first episode of the season 3 finale, “Into The Breach.” 

For most of the season, Vic has been content to sit on the sidelines and hope for a cure for his condition to be found. He didn’t have any interest in being a hero – he just wanted his life as a star athlete who wasn’t half-machine back. This was perfectly understandable given that, in this reality, the technology that saved Victor’s life after an accident in his father’s lab was a  Fatherbox from Apokolips that was trying to take over his body and mind. Thankfully, an encounter with the New God of Knowledge Metron managed to solve that problem and gave Vic some degree of control over his cybernetics.

“Into The Breach” sees Victor go beyond merely trying to help his friends in the Outsiders to save their friends from Granny Goodness. Victor becomes the MVP of the rescue mission and does so many things to help save the day that it is almost ridiculous. Indeed, the only downside to this episode is that it makes Victor Stone look so awesome that the rest of the superheroes pale in comparison. Then again, after a season of warming the bench, it’s about time Victor got a chance to shine and prove himself worthy of the name Cyborg, which – spoiler – he adopts at the end of the episode, when he decided that heroism suits him.

And yes, he does say “Boo-yah!”

Beyond that, there’s not much more to “Into The Breach.” This is Cyborg’s show in every way and it is pretty awesome at showcasing why he’s one of DC Comics’ most popular characters even if the people making the movies and writing his comics don’t seem to know what to do with him. But I digress.

We also seem a little bit more advancement of the subplot involving Infinity Inc. – the rival superhero team that was established by someone to steal the Outsiders thunder in the public eye. No points for guessing who. It’s no mystery if you’ve been paying the least bit attention or you know your classic DC Comics history, but they do confirm their sponsor’s identity at the end of the episode.

The closing credits also continue a running gag from the first part of the season, where the image behind the credits shows the severed tip of Lobo’s finger, still rotting in the dirt of the quarry where Halo actually managed to make the Main Man bleed 15 episodes ago.  Is this going somewhere? Ask the Lobo fan in your life and watch them start laughing manically.

Rating: 8/10

Into The Breach will be available to stream on August 27th, 2019!

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