Young Justice Season 3 Cover“Terminus” is a rather unusual episode compared to the rest of Young Justice season 3. Most of the season to date has been devoted to introducing new characters and balancing multiple subplots. Oh, the focus has been on several different characters, but there have still been a lot of plates spinning and a lot of little stories being expanded here and there, giving the feeling that there’s a whole universe on-screen and that we are just barely scratching the surface with every episode.

In other words, it feels like how the DC Comics Universe should feel.

“Terminus” is different in that it is largely focused on a single story. In this case, the efforts of our heroes to rescue a captive Halo from Granny Goodness. They receive some unexpected aid from Vandal Savage, who gives them the coordinates to Granny’s space-station base, The Orphanage. The only catch is they have to tell Granny, once Halo is safe, who was responsible for guiding them to her. Our heroes know it’s a set-up but they don’t have any other options.

Unbeknownst to them, Granny Goodness has successfully used Halo’s powers to access the Anti-Life Equation, which can crush the wills and command the minds of those who are exposed to it. Worse yet, Granny has already used the Equation to take control of a number of Justice League members, including Superman, Wonder Woman and all three Green Lanterns from Earth! This leaves the five surviving founders of the original Team running interference, while Geo-Force, Halo and Terra confront Granny Goodness.

There are some subplots at play even in the midst of this but most of them tie into the mission, like Nightwing fighting a flu that has him hallucinating in the heat of battle. There is also relationship drama at play, with Superboy and Ms. Martian’s engagement imperiled by the revelations from last week’s episode that Ms. Martian was hiding something from the man she promised never to lie to about anything. They discuss this, telepathically, just before they go into the field together.

In fact, the only part of the show that doesn’t tie back into the central rescue mission is a series of silent montages, where we see Black Lightning pondering the events of the last year and being joined in his reflection by his former partner Static. To the credit of the animators, much is said without words and we hear no sound apart from incidental effects until Jefferson Pierce returns to his ex-wife’s home and is greeted by the noise of his daughters’ laughter. 

It spoils little to say that there is one moment in this episode that tugs at the heartstrings and really drives home how much this show has changed in three seasons and the nearly 10 years since it first premiered. It also spoils little to say that there is a cliffhanger that will leave you floored, as we begin the push into the final three episodes of Young Justice: Season 3.

Look for three big reviews next week! Same Matt time! Same Matt website!

Rating: 10/10

Terminus will be available to stream on August 20th, 2019!

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