Comic Review – Pretty Violent #1

Pretty Vilolent #1 CoverGamma Rae wants to be a superhero. She meets all the prerequisites. She’s been super-strong and nigh-invulnerable since she was a baby. She can rock a spandex onesie. And she has a mighty need to kick butt in the name of Truth, Justice and all that other good stuff heroes are supposed to represent.

There’s just a few things standing in the way.

First, there’s Gamma’s temper, which is about as short as she is. Then there is Gamma’s family. She’s the last in a long line of supervillains and they’re pretty determined to keep Gamma in the family business. Then there’s the problem posed by the other superheroes, who know who Gamma is and are sure that her desire to help people is all part of some villainous scheme. Finally, there are the people of the city, who hate only one thing more than a supervillain – a superhero who isn’t very good at her job and causes more destruction in the name of saving lives than the villains do in the name of striking fear into the hearts of the innocent and spreading chaos. 

Will Gamma prove that she can be a hero in spite of herself? Will nature win out over nurture? Will anybody survive long enough to find out?

Pretty Violent #1 Page 2

The above page is just about the only preview page from Pretty Violent #1 I think I can safely show on this family-friendly business page. Despite the artwork being generally adorable and the character designs looking like something you’d expect to be drawn by an artist whose credits include DuckTales and Adventure Time, the story that Derek Hunter and Jason Young relate in this issue is not safe for children. Come to that, I’m not sure it’s safe for most adults, but you can check out the full preview here and decide for yourself.

In an odd way, this first issue reminded me of Mark Millar’s Marvel Knights: Spider-Man. Not because of any similarity in the plot but because of how Mark Millar wrote the average man on the street in the Marvel Universe with the intelligence of a dead skunk and depicted them cheering on the Green Goblin as he’s trying to blow up a crowd of people while jeering Spider-Man as he’s trying to save them. The same thing happens throughout Pretty Violent #1 with two key differences – Pretty Violent #1 is intentionally meant to be stupid and over-the-top and it actually is funny. Laugh-out-loud funny. Not ironic, “laughing so I do not cry” funny.

Pretty Violent won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally found it to be an amusing little book. If nothing else, it’s different, and probably the only comic you’ll see this week where a villain starts murdering innocent civilians so he can use their intestines as a weapon. (Full disclosure: I haven’t read Frank Miller’s Superman: Year One #2 yet.) If you’re a fan of the I Hate Fairyland series or enjoy twisted parodies of the superhero genre with the best ultra-violence this side of a Lobo comic, you’ll want to check this one out.


Pretty Violent #1 releases on August 21st, 2019!

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