Young Justice Season 3 Cover“Quiet Conversations” sees some of the secrets of various Outsiders coming out into the open. Don’t worry, action fans! Despite the title, there’s plenty of excitement to be found in this episode, starting with the return of Victor “Vic” Stone.

Okay, the soon-to-be Cyborg never actually left, but he’s been noticeably absent from the show ever since the Outsiders were formed. In fact, Wonder Girl commented last week on never seeing Vic around despite his living in the Outsiders’ base. The opening of this episode reveals what happened to Vic and, make a long story short, how the Fatherbox that healed his fatal wounds is now trying to take over his body. 

Thankfully, Forager is able to find Vic before he’s too far gone to save, but this still leads to Superboy, Black Lighting and Forager using a borrowed Motherbox to go teleporting around the universe in search of Metron – the New God of knowledge and the only person who may have the technology needed to save Victor’s life.

Meanwhile, it is discovered that Halo has run away from home, following the twin revelations that the woman she was before dying and becoming host to a Motherbox soul was responsible for the deaths of Terra and Geo-Force’s parents and that Halo’s powers are slowly destroying Halo’s body. This leads to Halo going on a mission of mercy to do one more good deed before their body finally gives out.

There’s quite a few other subplots in play here that hadn’t been touched in depth for some time, including Aquaman helping a metahuman girl who developed the power to breathe underwater after an encounter with Karlion The Witch Boy acclimate to life in Atlantis. We also get to see Ms. Martian, in her secret identity of Megan Morse, talking to troubled teen Harper Row about why she felt the need to steal her father’s booze and handgun and why she always seems to be hiding bruises from the teachers at Happy Harbor High.

(Incidentally, this episode reveals that Megan is a guidance counselor at Happy Harbor High. One wonders how she manages that job, counseling metahuman teens at STAR Labs AND running the covert ops wing of the Justice League. There’s only so much time in the day!)

Regardless, despite spinning a lot of plates, this episode is far from dull and the plot with Metron keeps things moving as we jump from storyline to storyline, as a lot of Easter Eggs for the comics history buffs get tossed out. Case in point: we’re finally introduced to Kaldur’s step-father – a man named Calvin Durham, who is modeled on one of Black Manta’s henchmen from a Silver Age storyline. He and Kaldur’s biological mother appeared in an issue of the Young Justice spin-off comic series, but this is their first appearance in the show proper.

There’s also a very nice montage at the end that silently shows all the various storylines come to a conclusion through a series of stills and a stunning final scene that suggests the show may be bucking tradition in a major way regarding one classic comic book storyline the show was adapting. This episode is everything that makes Young Justice so addictive and so worth watching. 

Rating: 10/10

Quiet Conversations will be available to stream on July 30th, 2019!

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