SWAMP THING – EPISODE S1, Ep6 “The Price You Pay” Review

Since Dr. Woodrue needs a live specimen to study, Avery sends two hunters into the swamp to capture Swamp Thing. Although unsuccessful, the hunters end up injured in the hospital where Dr. Woodrue has been experimenting with a bio-regenerative mutagen. And now that Daniel is in a coma, Abby confronts Avery about all his dirty deeds.
In this episode, we get to learn more about the backstory of Daniel Cassidy and his former career as a Hollywood stuntman and also how he got the role of the “Blue Devil.” We also delve a little more into the Marais sheriff’s department, who Sheriff Lucilla Cable and her son Matt have also been involved in the corruption that surrounds the town. But when Dr. Woodrue introduces a mutagen from Abby’s sample into Daniel’s bloodstream, it causes some unexpected side effects. While we feel some sympathy for Dr. Woodrue’s wife and her condition, the method in which he produces results is questionable as he essentially uses Daniel as a human test subject and awakens something dark and fiery within him.
It seems unfortunate however that Swamp Thing has become more of a background character (literally, since he spends most of his time hiding behind trees) in this series as we seem to spend more time with our human characters and the events that surround the swamp. While the swamp itself remains a central focal point to the show, all of the evil that befalls the citizens of Marais seem to come from the swamp. On the plus side, this episode does finally gives us some surprising revelations about Matt Cable.
I must comment on the direction of the show, while Swamp Thing himself hasn’t been on screen that much, he is a much more subtle and darker aspect to the show than he has been, particularly in relation to the campy 1990’s series. While the fate of the Swamp Thing has already been sealed, I hope the final 4 episodes will prove satisfying.


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