Swamp Thing – Ep.7 “Brilliant Disguise” Review

After Alec Holland’s human form has returned temporarily, thanks to some hallucinogenic spores, Abby finds it easier to talk with him about what’s been happening in the swamp. As Alec shows her the complexities of his new world and his powers, he introduces her to The Green, an elemental force that connects all life on Earth, as well as The Rot, a.k.a. “The Darkness”, which thrives on death. But when he takes her deep into the swamp to see the damage the Rot has done, she insists on taking a sample, despite his warning, and is attacked by a black tendril and infected.
Meanwhile, Sheriff Cable and Avery Sunderland go off into the swamp to deal with the situation after learning that Alec Holland is still alive, Maria Sunderland uses a dinner party for her guests Dr. Jason Woodrue and his wife, and the mysterious Nathan Ellery of the mysterious Conclave, to seize an opportunity.
While this may be the last time we see Andy Bean as Alec, it is a nice opportunity for Abby to finally get some closure. It is rewarding to finally see The Green as Swamp Thing sees it, and he finally gets to demonstrate more of his powers, everything from summoning plants to create fruit, to helping Abby to heal from her infection. The drama and intrigue intensify as well with the troubled relationship between Avery and Sheriff Lucilia Cable, whose son Matt was hired by Avery to kill Alec, as they take a boat to the swamp to search for Alec. And we get to see a whole new side of Maria Sunderland, as she has come from the brink of insanity to become a calm and composed schemer, equal only to Avery.
While there is mention of Daniel’s condition after Woodrue experimented on him, both he and Madame Xanadu are absent from this episode. And with only three episodes to go in this first (and only) season, there seems very little time for the plot to be resolved, with everything from The Green vs. The Rot, finding justice for the murder of Alec as well as the Conclave’s agenda, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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