SWAMP THING – Ep. 8 “Long Walk Home” Review

Before Sheriff Lucilia and Deputy Matt Cable attempt to kill Avery and dump his body in the swamp, Avery made a last-ditch effort to stall by telling Matt that he was his father, although it proved unsuccessful, Avery managed to stab Matt in the chest before jumping in the swamp, but not before getting shot. Afterwards Lucilia took Matt to the Sunderland’s home and reveals that Maria and Lucilia had been plotting together all along. Now struggling to survive, Avery tries to make his way out of the swamp, all the while he is being watched.

Now that Abby has finally left Marais and made it to the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, and reunites with Harlan, then she gets one of her colleagues to analyze the sample of The Rot and she is confronted by her superior who is not pleased with her results. Meanwhile, as Avery stumbles through the swamp, he begins to hallucinate and see Lucilia, but it turns out to be something else. Later that night he sees himself as a boy while out in the woods with his father and relives his father’s death, but then he finally encounters Swamp Thing standing over him. While Abby confides in Harlan about her experiences in the swamp, Avery has been taken to Alec’s lab in the swamp where he helps him to heal and to answer a few questions.

This episode begins a downhill slope tot the end with only 2 episodes to go as the supposed antagonist, Avery Sunderland, finally faces Swamp Thing, but with a confusing twist. Even though Avery is responsible for Alec’s murder, it still seems as though Swamp Thing doesn’t know it and he is convinced when Avery offers to help him be human again. Of course when Avery shows up at Dr. Woodrue’s door, we know that he desperately wants to study him, either dead or alive, to discover the origin of the mutagen. Without spoiling anything, this episode has probably the best cliffhanger ending aside from the first episode, which leaves me impatiently awaiting the next episode.


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