SWAMP THING EPISODE S1, Ep4 “Darkness on the Edge of Town” REVIEW

After the “Green Flu” has seemed to pass from the town of Marais, Avery Sunderland proposes a celebration at the town hall. But when the young dishwasher at the Roadhouse comes across a decayed corpse deep in the swamp, he becomes infected with a strange delusion that causes people’s worst fears to be realized and he passes it along to others in the town. In order to defeat what Swamp Thing refers to as “the Darkness”, Abbie tries to find the origin of the infection with the help of Swamp Thing and stop it from spreading.

As the swamp seems to be the origin of many different kinds of diseases both natural and unnatural, the theme of contagion becomes prevalent in the series which has also manifested in the last episode with the swarm of insects reanimating the dead. Fans of the comic books, specifically ‘The New 52’ series, and may be reminded of the similarities to “the Rot” or “the Black”. As Abbie also becomes the host to this “Darkness” we see visions of a faceless man that she said tormented her during her childhood. This “faceless man” also has many similarities to Swamp Things arch-nemesis from the comics, none other than Anton Arcane. But speculation aside, the story has already established several subplots that have begun to grow. Namely the interference of Dr. Woodrue in Abbie’s research, the truth of Avery Sunderland’s involvement with the so-called “Conclave” that was mentioned last episode, as well as Daniel “Blue Devil” Cassidy’s part in the story as he is driven by Madame Xanadu’s prophecies.

And of course the plot, much like the swamp, thickens as Alec still tries to find out what he has become with the help of Abbie, although there are many distractions that have been keeping both Abbie and Alec from learning the truth.


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