After Swamp Thing revealed himself to Susie Coyle while saving her and killing her pursuer by ripping him apart, she told Abbie that he said that his name was Alec, which shocks her. The episode begins with a bizarre dream sequence of Alec seeing himself and Munson who he killed and he feels guilty for it. While Abbie wrestles with the new revelation that Alec could be alive, another CDC doctor arrives at the hospital to take over, but her friend Harlan contracts the disease as well. As we are introduced to the eccentric Dr. Woodrue, we also learn that his wife is suffering from some form of Alzheimer’s. Then when Abbie goes to Alec’s lab to try and learn more about what he found, she is confronted by the reanimated corpse of Munson, as well as Swamp Thing in person who saves her. After her encounter with Swamp Thing, he gives her the idea about the nature of the mysterious disease that is plaguing Marais. Later we get to learn more about Avery’s plans for Marais and his not-so-noble intentions regarding the swamp.

This episode really ramps up the horror elements as we see Munson’s body being swarmed and reanimated by insects, as well as Maria seeing visions of her dead daughter Shawna speaking to her from beyond the grave. The dark and supernatural elements harken back to the iconic days of writer Alan Moore’s stint on “Swamp Thing” during the 1980s. The ‘bug zombie’ is truly terrifying in this episode and the fight between it and Swamp Thing is especially exciting. As the title suggests, we also get to hear Swamp Thing speak as he protects Abbie from the ‘bug zombie’ and uses his newfound abilities to “release” Munson’s soul/spirit from the control of the disgusting insects.


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