Comic Review – Event Leviathan #1

Event Leviathan #1 CoverLeviathan – a criminal organization founded by Talia Al Ghul to stand opposite her father’s League Of Assassins.

Leviathan – the organization that single-handedly destroyed every other covert organization in the world that was dedicated to stopping groups like Leviathan. 

Leviathan – the masked man who has taken over the organization and dethroned Talia Al Ghul.

Leviathan is many things and none of them are good. Now, as the organization regroups from their most successful raid ever and prepare to forge a new world order in the resulting chaos, the world’s finest investigators must join forces to find out Who Is Leviathan and what their next step is.

Batman. Lois Lane. Green Arrow. The Question. A Detective, A Reporter, A Hunter and A Journalist. Four seekers of truth, each walking their own path. Four people who may hold the key to stopping Leviathan’s plans.


If you haven’t been keeping up on the Leviathan storyline in the various Superman books before now, Event Leviathan #1 is a wonderful introduction to what shall be one of the defining stories of the DC Universe in 2019. And if you have been keeping up on the various Superman books… well, this book shows you how Batman, Lois Lane, Green Arrow and The Question all get dragged into investigating the mysterious group that has destroyed the DEO, ARGUS, Task Force X, Spyral and every other covert acronym group in the DC Universe.

This may make Event Leviathan a little redundant, but those who have been following Brian Michael Bendis’ work on Superman and Action Comics are unlikely to care. Nor are they likely to care that there’s no action in this issue, apart from one flashback showing a new ARGUS base being blown up. One does not go into a Brian Michael Bendis production expecting high-octane action. Instead, this issue is largely a number of scenes of people standing around and talking about things they already know, for the benefit of the reader.

Bendis has many strengths as a writer but delivering smooth, naturally delivered exposition has never been one of them. Lois Lane talks to Batman about Leviathan how kidnapped “Clark Kent, my husband” and nearly killed “my father, ARGUS’ Sam Lane” as if he didn’t know who they were. There’s also something odd about the way Bendis writes dialogue for Batman.

Thankfully, the artwork by Bendis’ frequent artistic collaborator Alex Maleev does a better job of setting the tone and mood of the story. Those who remember their run on Daredevil will enjoy the dark, Neo Noir visuals. Maleev’s aesthetic proves a prefect tool for depicting the clandestine nature of the meeting making up most of the issue’s storyline and Maleev has a great grasp of the characters, apart from his take on Lois Lane looking just like Jessica Jones.

Bottom Line: Event Leviathan #1 is a rough but serviceable catch-up issue that is sure to please fans of Bendis and Maleev and anyone looking for a good, dark mystery story.


Event Leviathan #1 releases on June 12, 2019!

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