Doom Patrol Season 1 PosterThis is it! After 13 episodes of “character-drive shlock,Doom Patrol is finally ready to act like what everyone wanted it to be in the first place – a superhero show! 

Such was Mr. Nobody’s declaration at the end of last week’s episode and… it was about as accurate as almost everything else Mr. Nobody said. But what can you expect from a former super-villain flunkie turned insane lunatic who lives in the void between worlds and narrates the actions of his enemies?

Still, the team does have the problem of how to find Mr. Nobody and their kidnapped mentor, Dr. Caulder, to consider. The reality-warping muscle-man known as Flex Mentallo may be able to open the way, though his powers aren’t quite reliable and he’s not in a good place following the death of his wife. Still, Flex is willing to give it a shot if the rest of the team is willing to risk being ripped to shreds by the laws of causality. Yet even if they survive the journey into Mr. Nobody’s realm, can they resist his ability to see into their minds, turn their worst nightmares against them or alter the world around them to make their greatest wishes come true?

Probably not. After all, we still have one episode to go. It would be kind of weird if they beat him this soon.

“Penultimate Patrol” isn’t about to change the formula of Doom Patrol this late in the game. This is still a show about super-zeroes. Metahuman goose-eggs. Screw-ups by royal appointment. 

This week, however, the show does allow itself the traditional moment where the heroes face temptation and resist it, to prove that they are truly heroes who do not take the easy way out. The entire cast gets some fantastic chances to shine here, but Diane Guerrero steals the show (as usual) by having to struggle not only against temptation but the multiple personalities in Crazy Jane’s head who DO want to take the easy way out. Those who admired James McAvoy’s ability to change personas with rapid-fire precision in Split and Glass would do well to check out this episode, as Guerrero puts McAvoy to shame.

Beyond that, I don’t want to say too much about this episode, lest I spoil a scene that had me laughing for two minutes. Then I laughed another two minutes as I watched the scene again. As it is, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to hear the song “All By Myself” ever again without bursting out laughing in memory of this scene.

You have to see it to believe it.

Speaking of seeing it, if you know someone who has yet to see Doom Patrol who has yet to be convinced that it’s worth signing up for yet another subscription service and joining the DC Universe, you’re in luck. For the next week, the first episode of Doom Patrol is on YouTube. And because I’m so nice, I’l going to give you a direct link to it here.


Don’t say I never did anything for you. 


Doom Patrol – Episode 14, “Penultimate Patrol”, airs Friday, May 17, on DC Universe.

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