Comic Review – Domino: Hotshots #1

Domino Hotshots #1 CoverOnce upon a time an alien artifact of unimaginable power crashed into the middle of the neutral zone of Antarctica. A scientific expedition just happened to be the first to reach it, before it mysteriously disappeared en route to Argentina. Now all of the usual suspects believe all the other usual suspects are responsible and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Enter six very special operatives. All highly skilled. All highly dangerous. All women. All recruited to find this thing (whatever it is) before the world goes kablooey.

Domino – a luck-manipulating mutant who has become even more obnoxious since she started learning how to direct her powers.

Outlaw – super-strong and tougher than a two-bit steak, this cowgirl breaks a lot more than hearts.

Diamondback – a reformed member of the Serpent Society and an expert on poisons, acids and explosives. Especially explosives.

Atlas Bear – Wakandan noblewoman in exile with a spiritual bond to the last species of bear native to Africa and the power to see the future.

White Fox – South Korean super-spy and last of the Kumiho – a mystic race of shape-shifters. 

Black Widow – cloned from the original Natasha Romanov, this new Black Widow is trying to make a name for herself while hiding her existence from the world.

Given their pasts, their natures and their conflicting loyalties, they’d be foolish to trust each other. Yet when other forces rise up against them, these hotshots may be the only ones they can depend on for help. At least, until they can’t…

There’s a lot to love about Hotshots #1 and a lot of crossover appeal into a lot of genres and areas of the Marvel Universe. Waiting for that Black Widow movie? We’ve got Agent Romanov front and center. Like X-Men? One-third of the cast are mutants.

Deadpool fan? You probably already know who Domino and Outlaw are and will enjoy the twisted humor. Like Captain America?  Diamondback used to be his partner. Black Panther fan? Wakanda woman warrior with psychic bear powers!

Just enjoy espionage stories, spy stuff, or heist tales? Boom! Or are you a person with simple tastes who enjoys comics involving powerful women with powerful weapons blowing stuff up? This little book has you covered.

Don’t let the fact that this is a spin-off of Marvel Comics’s recent Domino solo series scare you off. No previous experience with that comic book or any others is required to enjoy Hotshots #1. Gail Simone’s script does a masterful job of laying out all the characters and explaining who they are without a lot of lengthy exposition.

If you are, however, a fan of the Domino solo series, you’ll be on familiar ground. Both because of Simone’s writing and because of the artwork of David Baldeon, who is brilliant at putting subtle action into simple scenes of people talking and drawing complex, high-octane action sequences. This is, quite simply, a gorgeous book. 

Bottom Line: Hotshots is that rare comic that has something for everyone. I can’t think of anyone who won’t find something to enjoy about this comic, save perhaps those he-man woman-haters who can’t abide anything that reeks of “girl power”. Those who aren’t afraid of getting cooties from a comic, however, will love it.


Domino: Hotshots #1 releases on March 6, 2019!

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