Comic Review – Captain Marvel: Braver & Mightier

Captain Marvel Braver and Mightier CoverIf you’re a regular reader of our reviews here on Explore The Multiverse, the odds are good that you don’t need an introduction to Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers. (And if you’re not a regular reader, welcome!)

If, by chance, you do need an introduction to Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers, or know someone who does, Captain Marvel: Braver & Mightier is a mighty fine one to give to potential comic readers in anticipation of the live-action adaptation. (Incidentally, we still have a few seats left for our Captain Marvel premiere party, if you haven’t already gotten them.)

The action of the issue is split between two subplots. In the first, two Air Force brats, reporters for their school’s newspaper, agonize over a question to ask superhero Captain Marvel (aka Major Carol Danvers of the USAF) as part of the Carol Danvers Day event being held at the base they live on. In the other story, Captain Marvel engages in a low-orbit dog-fight with a hereto unknown race of aliens who have shown up planning to conquer the Earth. It spoils little to say that these aliens are about to have a no good, very bad day.

Captain Marvel Braver and Mightier Page 1

The script by Jody Houser (Faith, Star Wars: Age of Republic, Doctor Who) does a fantastic job of showcasing Carol and her powers and personality, through some intense action sequences. If you know nothing about Captain Marvel, who she is and what she can do, you will by the time this issue is over. The scenes with the students also reveal Carol’s character by showing us how the public at large view her. Giving us this view from the perspective of young people who know about Carol’s record as a soldier and a superhero proves an interesting angle.

Talking of interesting angles, the artwork by Simone Buonfantino offers a unique visual perspective during the issues’ battle sequences. Buonfantino rarely portrays Captain Marvel with a straight-on view, with Carol usually looking slightly askew as she fights her way through the alien fleet. This subtly suggests the influence of the space setting and how Carol is having to fight against the pull of the Earth with every action. 

The only real flaw to Captain Marvel: Braver and Mightier, if it can be said to have one, is its limited scope. This book will tell you who Carol Danvers is but nothing of her background or backstory. Of course if you’re interested in that, there is the wonderful Life of Captain Marvel mini-series which recently revamped her origins. This book is fantastic for what it is though – an entry point into the modern Marvel Universe, for anyone who want to know more about Captain Marvel, before or after the movie.


Captain Marvel: Braver & Mightier releases on February 27, 2019!

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