New Comics for November 08, 2017

New comics release tomorrow. Who’s ready for more Dark Nights Metal? This week: Batman Lost #1. In case you HAVEN’T been reading Detective Comics lately, Tim Drake is back! But can he make it out of Detective Comics #968 alive? Few can boast taking Venom in a fight. Who in their right mind would actual HUNT him? Kraven. Freakin’ nut job. See how that goes down in Venom #157. Wouldn’t it be great if aliens established contact under the promise of peace and technology in exchange for a port on Earth? Yeah. Until it’s no longer peaceful. Check out Port of Earth #1! I don’t think I really need to give you much on this one. New Tank Girl. Yeah. The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #1 hits shelves this week.

Come get some awesome comics. Click below to see what else is coming out. See something you like? Let us know what you’d like us to hold. Did you miss out on that rad new book? Be sure to ask us about our free subscription service!


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