Comic Review – Quarry’s War #1

Max Allan Collins is an experienced writer whose works span across multiple formats. He is probably best known to mainstream audiences as the author of The Road To Perdition graphic novels, which inspired the 2002 Academy Award winning movie staring Tom Hanks and Paul Newman. He’s also notable for having been entrusted with completing a number of Mike Hammer stories that were unfinished by Mickey Spillane at the time of his death. Max Allan Collins also wrote the Dick Tracy comic strip for a number of years and has written more than a number of mystery novels and novels based on popular mystery television series.

Quarry’s War #1 marks the first time Collins has adapted one of his earlier works into a graphic novel format. The point of view character here is Quarry – a former U.S. Marine Sniper who becomes a professional assassin for hire upon returning home from The Vietnam War.

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Quarry’s War #1 tells two stories, with the setting shifting between every alternating page. The first story, set in Chicago in 1972, sees Quarry and one of his partners (a man with the code name of Boyd) sent out to dispatch a Chicago mobster who slept with the wrong man’s side-piece. The second story, set in Vietnam in 1969, shows Quarry and his spotter, Lance Corporal Lance Roberts, as they are shipped out to clear out a village that seems to be a front for the Viet-Cong.

Those who are unfamiliar with the character of Quarry don’t need to worry about not having read Collins’ earlier novels. This comic proves to be a wonderful introduction to Quarry’s character. Both stories are easily accessible and sure to please those who enjoy action stories with anti-heroic leads, realistic military comics or true-crime thrillers. It will also appeal to fans of the recently canceled Quarry series on Cinemax.

Collins found a perfect artistic partner in Szymon Kudranski. Best known for his work on SpawnArrow: Season 2.5 and various Batman books, Kudranski boasts a gritty yet photo-realistic style which suits both the suburban jungles of Chicago and the rain-forest jungles of Vietnam. The action is crisp and clear throughout, with well-choreographed action sequences and some memorable character designs that give each and every character a distinctive and unique look. Colorist Guy Major does a fine job of varying his palettes, using different color schemes for one story than he does for the other. The lettering by Comicraft is nice and legible, with distinctive balloons used for each character’s voice-overs and Quarry’s own thoughts rendered in regular text rather than all capital letters.

While mostly of interest to fans of Max Allan Collins’ earlier works, Quarry’s War #1 offers wide appeal to a number of genre fiction enthusiasts. If you enjoy comics or short stories about manly men who work in the shadows, dealing with decisions that most people hope they never have to hear about, you’ll want to enlist in Quarry’s War.


Quarry’s War #1 releases on November 29, 2017.

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