New Comics for November 01, 2017

New comics release tomorrow. Who’s ready for more Dark Nights Metal? This week: The Devastator #1. The Paper Girls [#17] are finally getting some answers. And how appropriate that it’s on the heels of Halloween! J. Jonah Jameson get’s to interview Spider-Man in Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #6. What do you get when you mix equal parts Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, and futuristic childhood nostalgia? The Jetsons #1! And if THAT’S not futuristic enough for you, then may we recommend No. 1 With A Bullet #1? Yeah. We may.

Come get some awesome comics. Click below to see what else is coming out. See something you like? Let us know what you’d like us to hold. Did you miss out on that rad new book? Be sure to ask us about our free subscription service!


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