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Comic Review – Detective Comics #1006

It surprises many to learn that I was not a born and bred comic geek. Despite my first memory of reading something involving a Garfield collection and my avidly watching Superfriends and collecting the Super Powers figures as a kid, my mother never allowed me to have any comic books as a kid. Presumably she [...]

SWAMP THING EPISODE S1, Ep4 “Darkness on the Edge of Town” REVIEW

After the “Green Flu” has seemed to pass from the town of Marais, Avery Sunderland proposes a celebration at the town hall. But when the young dishwasher at the Roadhouse comes across a decayed corpse deep in the swamp, he becomes infected with a strange delusion that causes people’s worst fears to be realized and [...]

Comic Review – Usagi Yojimbo #1

After 165 issues have been published by Dark Horse Comics, the critically acclaimed series “Usagi Yojimbo” is being released by IDW Publishing this month. When it was announced in February of this year, some were surprised, but since IDW also currently publishes the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” series, it seems only fitting that they share [...]


After Swamp Thing revealed himself to Susie Coyle while saving her and killing her pursuer by ripping him apart, she told Abbie that he said that his name was Alec, which shocks her. The episode begins with a bizarre dream sequence of Alec seeing himself and Munson who he killed and he feels guilty for [...]

Swamp Thing Episode #102 “Worlds Apart” – Review

After the pilot of “Swamp Thing” the latest streaming show from DC Universe shows much promise as they delve into a darker and more horror-oriented drama, but unfortunately as I will address later in the review. This show, while hopeful is fated to be short-lived. Following the alleged death of Alec Holland in the swamp [...]

Swamp Thing Episode #101, Pilot – Review

With the launch of DC Universe streaming service, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros., have produced a few original programs that feature exclusively on the digital platform. Along with its live-action series “Titans” and “Doom Patrol,” the highly anticipated “Swamp Thing” has finally been released this month. Having been announced last year along with “Doom Patrol,” […]

Comic Review – Ascender #1


Lemire and Nguyen turn to fantasy in this follow up to their sci-fi classic Descender


COMIC PREVIEW – AGE OF CONAN BELIT #2 (OF 5) | FIRST BLOOD ON THE HIGH SEAS! BÊLIT finds her first battle at sea! But will her impetuous nature lead the crew to victory, or sink her ambitions before they’ve begun?