Podcast #014 – Stan Lee: In Memoriam

We had to slay some technical dragons, but our podcast is finally ready for you again. There will be a few rapid-fire updates to get you caught up, but our schedule should resume without hiccups.  Episode #014 – Stan Lee – In Memoriam  This episode was originally recorded on 17 November 2018, but took a while to process due to technical difficulties.  In this episode Harvey and Steve remember Stan Lee.   You can read the piece the write-up on Stan’s life by Matt Morrison on our website: http://explorethemultiverse.com/2018/11/in-memoriam-stan-lee-1922-2018/ Connect with us online: twitter: @MultiverseHurst harvey: @MacMoreno steve: @SteveSaintJames facebook: @ExploreTheMultiverse  Big thanks to Purple Planet for letting us use “Mass Mania.” Music: http://www.purple-planet.com


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